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世界知的所有権の日 「レディ・プレイヤー1」記念上映会を開催しました April.19.2018

from left to right :Mr. Mike Nguyen (Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer) Ms. Lagretta Nickles, Assistant Information Officer U.S. Embassy in Japan Mr. Kunio Yamada, Vice President, Warner Bros. Japan LLC
from left to right :
Mr. Mike Nguyen, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer U.S. Embassy in Japan
Ms. Lagretta Nickles, Assistant Information Officer U.S. Embassy in Japan
Mr. Kunio Yamada, Vice President, Warner Bros. Japan LLC

On April 19, 2018, in celebration of World IP Day, Japan and International Motion Picture Copyright Association (JIMCA), with the support of the U.S. Embassy and the cooperation of Warner Bros. Japan LLC., hosted a special screening of the feature film Ready Player One at the Warner Bros Japan screening room.

The audience included government officials responsible for the administration of intellectual property rights (IPR), including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Japan Office, the Agency for Cultural Affairs (ACA), lawyers specializing in the field of IPR, rights holder organizations for music and computer software industries, representatives of the intellectual property department of the content industry, IPR university students and academics.

Ms. Lagretta Nickles, Assistant Information Officer U.S. Embassy in Japan, said, “This year’s theme “Powering change: Women in innovation and creativity” is of particular interest to me. As a former lawyer, and someone whose job demands creativity and innovation, I have long recognized the importance of intellectual property rights. While practicing law, I often saw how many people, especially women, did not earn the recognition or financial benefit from what they invented or created. This injustice was due in part to a lack of awareness about how to protect one’s ideas and creations.

Ready Player One is a great example of the innovation and creativity that we should cultivate and protect through a robust intellectual property system. Securing the rights to his own work, author Ernst Cline has been able to shepherd his fantastic story from novel, to screenplay, to movie.

“I look forward to recognizing women who are contributing greatly in the fields of creativity and technology and encouraging the participation of women in all areas of creative expression.”

Mr. Kunio Yamada, Vice President, Warner Bros. Japan LLC., said, “Movies bring us wonderful experiences through joy and sadness as well as laughter and tears. I consider that today’s event is a great opportunity to recognize the originality and creativity of filmmakers.

“However, if there were no copyright law and if we don’t protect it, it would be impossible for those people working in a creative field like director Spielberg to provide such wonderful content to entertain us, to build businesses, and to enrich our minds.

“When you finish watching the movie, I hope you will realize that because those people who work in such creative fields as movies, animation, music, fashion, design, literature, and art practice their craft, we get to enjoy such great content as Ready Player One.

“I believe that all the people taking part in the movie would appreciate it if as many people as possible would enjoy the film in a legitimate way instead of watching it via a pirated copies or illegal streaming and downloading.”

World IP Day

World IP Day (World Intellectual Property Day) was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000 to raise understanding of how intellectual property impacts on daily life and to celebrate creativity as well as the contribution made by innovators and creators to society.


Now in its 17th year, World IP Day has become an important opportunity to raise awareness about the need to protect intellectual property. Many events are held around the world to highlight the significance of intellectual property rights. JIMCA will continue to celebrate this event and looks forward to holding special screening events in the future.