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(English) MPA/JIMCA supports the decision of the Ministerial Meeting Concerning Measures Against Crime, Intellectual Property Strategic Headquarter for “The Emergency Measures Against Online Piracy Sites” April.17.2018

With growth of digital content, many internet users access illegal sites which provides comics, anime, films and TV content that are illegally uploaded and that do substantial economic damage to copyright holders.

This situation against the Japanese Government’s policy to promote the content industry, and if ignored, this situation will cause the collapse of the industrial foundation for Japanese content and will greatly reduce the creation of quality content.
We, MPA/JIMCA, welcome the Cabinet’s view that “to contain the spread of rights infringement, it is urgently required to establish the environment on which ISPs can conduct Site blocking” and support the Cabinet decision “The Emergency Measures Against Online Piracy Sites” that was discussed in the Ministerial Meeting Concerning Measures Against Crime at Intellectual Property Strategic Headquarter Meeting on April 13.

Enhancing remedies that include the denial of access pirate sites to protect copyright on the internet is a worldwide trend. MPA/JIMCA will support initiatives which help users to access legal content safely and support the development of domestic and international contents industries.

MPA/JIMCA welcomes the decision by the Japanese Government urging ISPs to take action to deny access to piracy websites. Disabling access to notorious piracy services has proved to be a necessary and effective remedy for significantly reducing online copyright infringement, and one that has been adopted by or is obligated in 42 countries around the world.