The new “No More Movie Thieves” commercial has begun showing in theaters across the country. July.17.2020

The Executive Committee for the “Let’s Go to the Movies!” campaign, organized by the Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan (MPPAJ), Japan Association Theater Owners (JATO), Foreign Film Importer-Distributors Association of Japan (JFIDAJ), and Motion Picture Association have released new “No More Movie Thieves” commercials to be shown in theaters.
Made for in-theater use, the commercials’ purpose is to notify and spread awareness of the Act on Prevention of Unauthorized Recording of Films, enacted on August 30, 2007. This commercial, the fifth of the series, covers the “spread of criminalization of illegal downloading”, “increasing visibility of English, Chinese and Korean language subtitles to coincide with the increase in foreign movie viewers”; informs viewers about the Film Classification and the rating system of the Rating Organization (EIRIN), which includes “G”, “PG12”, “R15+”, and “R18+”, and was created to help encourage movie-goers to watch safely and responsibly. This fifth commercial in the “No More Movie Thieves” series began showing sequentially after its predecessor in theaters throughout Japan, with new films released starting July 17th.
The committee started showing these campaign commercials before films and displaying campaign posters inside movie theaters, as a measure to prevent film piracy.


“Let’s go to the cinema!” Committee