JIMCA Awards Special Prize at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Award Ceremony July.04.2017

the 19th annual Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Award Ceremony

The Japan and International Motion Picture Association (JIMCA) and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) awarded a special prize at the 19th annual Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Award Ceremony on June 11 at Meiji Kinenkan in Tokyo. The award ceremony was attended by almost 1,000 filmmakers, government officials, celebrities and entertainment industry and media professionals.

The Special Prize, the “MPA Film Immersion Course in Los Angeles”, was awarded to the winner of the Japan Competition, Gori, for his film “born,bone,boon.” Gori is a very popular comedian in Japan as well as an actor and director.

The MPA Film Immersion Course is a unique 5-day course comprised of a series of meetings, lectures and film events with production companies and film studios designed to provide an exclusive and informative introduction to the film and television industry in Hollywood. The prize includes meals, hotel accommodation and airfare.

JIMCA and the MPA also sponsored the Award Ceremony afterparty which was held at V2, a popular restaurant and nightclub. The afterparty celebrated all of the filmmakers who attended the festival and provided an opportunity for JIMCA and the MPA to present our efforts to promote and protect filmmakers in Japan and around the world. JIMCA also premiered the screening of its new anti-piracy video to the delight and support of the filmmakers and after-party attendees.